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How to bleached hair?

Oct 2

Bleaching is a chemical process done on the hair to lighten it and make it less dense. There are several types of bleaching: natural, semi-permanent and permanent. Natural bleaching makes use of lemon juice while semi-permanent bleach contains hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations. Permanent highlighting, also known as 'double processes', consists of bleaching the hair first and then another process to add color. 

Perming is a chemical process done on the hair for two purposes: controlling the curl pattern or curling your hair. In this process, a gel solution is applied to wet hair while wrapped in plastic and various metal rods. The solution causes a reaction that makes your hair curl or wave.

Can you perm bleached hair?

Perming and bleaching any type of hair is a tricky process since it can damage your hair if not done properly. If you want to perm your bleached hair, make sure that the person doing the job knows how to deal with such hair properly. Also, consider the type of perm you want. There are several types of perms and each requires a certain application process, or it could burn your hair. As mentioned earlier, bleaching is a tough job to do. For instance, if you use hydrogen peroxide on your hair without diluting it with water, the mixture will be too strong for your hair and that will cause the hair to become very dry and brittle. If you want to ask if bleached hair is fit for perming, consider your natural hair color: lighter colors of your natural pigment can endure harsher chemicals than darker ones, so if you have dark brown or black hair, do not bleach it. However, if you eventually decide to bleach your hair, you must use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to take care of it. For more information on what products are best for bleached hair, visit this site .

## Conclusion

So the answer is yes, you can perm bleached hair but only if the process is done by an expert. Although bleaching makes your hair lighter, you should be aware that it also makes your hair weaker. If the perming process is done right and if you take care of bleached hair afterwards, then there shouldn't be a problem.