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Grease Monkey

Oct 5

Grease Monkey is considered an indica-dominant hybrid strain originally grown by Exotic Genetix. Generally, it’s considered to contain around 70% indica and 30% sativa. Exotic Genetix created the strain by combining two favored strains: Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies & Cream. This resulted in a potent plant that includes characteristics from both of its parent strains. 

Its THC concentration can reach the low 30% but typically hovers somewhere in the mid-20s. It also contains low concentrations of CBD, but it’s not a bud to consider if you’re specifically looking for a CBD heavy experience. 

The plant is pretty resilient due to its ability to grow both indoors and outdoors. Grease Monkey’s flowering period is around eight to nine weeks. 

Noted for its intense and complex flavor, the Grease Monkey strain contains notes of fresh vanilla and gasoline that can melt into a deep sweetness. Smoking makes for a smooth experience, with little harshness at the back of the throat. So, most people shouldn’t experience coughing fits when inhaling or exhaling. When exhaling, you may notice a slight peppery or spicy taste. Far from unpleasurable, this helps to create balance with the sweet notes during inhalation. 

Grease Monkey’s pungent aroma means you shouldn’t expect to smoke it discreetly. The smell is unique and voluminous with heavy currents of earthiness mixed with a backing band of sweet and skunky. As you grind or break up the bud, you may also be hit with the odd combination of sweet grapes and diesel. You will likely not find too many people without strong opinions on the aroma. It’s very love-it-or-hate-it. 

The bud is dense in both volume and color. The underlying greens are very deep and forest-like, with purples interwoven in-between. The bud is also frosted with hairy trichomes. It’s a handsome bud whose looks speak to its quality. 

Grease Monkey contains a mix of the effects of its parents. From the Gorilla Glue, it can invite couch-lock and sedation. However, most people feel it more as a creeping relaxation that eventually transforms into a hazy calm. It’s the perfect after-work strain, and while it doesn’t prevent you from carrying out tasks, it’s a better fit for those looking to come down after a stressful day. 

Consumers of the strain also report feelings of euphoria and happiness. However, almost just as many state they eventually feel sleepy after consumption. So, the effects tend to hit like a slow-moving sativa before floating into a more indica-type feel. 

People who consume Grease Monkey say they take it for help with stress, pain, and insomnia. This, again, fits with its hybrid profile and its parental lineage.