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Why You Should Hire a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

Contact a Title IX lawyer if you feel your rights have been violated or if you have experienced sexism at school. A skilled attorney can assess whether your school has violated its gender-neutral policies or programs.

Students accused of Title IX violations are often subjected an extensive disciplinary process which involves investigations, court hearings and sanctions. Duffy Law will help you navigate the legal aspects while protecting your future opportunities and reputation.


Title IX Lawyer Carbondale can help you to understand your school policies. These may include sexual consent definitions, which both parties must actively and mutually understand in order to engage with sexual activity. Consent also cannot be unlimited, and one form of sexual activity does not automatically constitute another.

In addition, colleges have an obligation to investigate any reports of sexual abuse and to protect students from bullying based upon their gender identity. This includes providing nongendered washrooms and protecting students with disabilities against discrimination.

Discrimination is a serious offense that can have many negative effects on the victim, including academic probation and suspension or dismissal. It can also lead to loss of financial or scholarship aid. Title IX lawyers can protect you from these consequences throughout the entire process. This includes during disciplinary proceedings.


Harassment can be defined as unwelcome behaviour based on gender. race, religion or national origin. Harassment is usually a hostile atmosphere that interferes with the victim's abilities to learn and participate in activities and programs at school.

Title IX laws allow schools to take immediate action to prevent sexual harassment. These actions could include a "no-contact" order prohibiting the accused student to be in proximity of the complainant. Or, they could restrict the respondent’s participation in social groups such as fraternities, sororities or athletic teams.

Allen Harris has helped students accused of committing sexual misconduct to successfully defend themselves, avoiding serious consequences on their academic career. We can prepare an impressive defense for you to give at your school's hearing.


If a student is accused sexual misconduct, it could have serious consequences on their college career. They may be subject to severe penalties even if their school decides that there is only a 50 percent probability of guilt, and they will likely have to go through a lengthy investigation and hearing process.

It is vital that students are protected during this process. Retaliation refers to discrimination that is based on sex. It can occur during an investigation, or even after.

A successful Title IX case can help students avoid such complications. Keep a careful record of any changes you notice in your behavior and treatment. Document any incidents that seem retaliatory.


We represent students and teachers who are accused of sexual assault, harassment and discrimination under Title IX. We guide them through their school's investigation and hearing procedures.

A school could impose interim steps such as "no touch" orders which limit the respondent’s ability to be in close proximity to the complainant. Such restrictions can interfere or hinder student activities like participation in student organisations and social memberships of fraternities and sisters, hinder academic progression, and prevent eligibility to participate in athletics.

The law continues to evolve, and our firm keeps abreast of these developments. We can help our clients challenge unjustified or inappropriate findings and reduce sanctions imposed by schools. We can also help you file a formal complaint with the Department of Justice.


Title IX inquiries often result in unfair and injust treatment for students. Even though the student may not have committed an offense, they could be forced to leave school or lose scholarship and employment opportunities. A lawyer-advisor will help them navigate through the process and stop the school from imposing harsh penalties.

Title IX prohibits many types of discrimination at schools and colleges that receive Federal funds, including sexual abuse or harassment. In recent years high-profile cases of sexual abuse have attracted national interest.

A Title IX attorney experienced in this area can help victims to fight back against accusations that their story or claims are false. They can also help them decide whether to file an administrative complaint or a civil suit.

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