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Mold Control Services In Greensboro NC - Mold Patrol

Feb 13

Mold can pose a danger and destructive problem, especially when it begins to grow and spreads throughout your home or business. If you're looking for services to control mold in Greensboro, NC, call on Mold Patrol to help you to complete the task right. Our specialists are committed to providing the highest quality service that they can and will do their best to make sure that your home or business is safe from harmful mold for years to come.

What is Mold?

Mold is a common indoor plant and animal fungus. It can grow on any surface where moisture collects, such as in the walls of buildings or on wood surfaces or even on products made of paper. You can also find mold on soil and leaves outside.

What's the issue with mold?

The growth of mold and release of spores can cause hazardous conditions in buildings, which include toxic black mold (Aspergillus niger) that is believed to cause serious health problems and white powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis), which can cause allergic reactions. Mold Growth & Removing

Mold growth and the release spores can cause hazardous conditions in the structure. It includes black mold, toxic (Aspergillus Niger), which can cause serious health issues and mildew that is white and powdery, (Erysiphe Graminis), which can lead to allergic reactions.

Different kinds of mold

Mold is a fungus that can cause serious health problems when it is not controlled. It can be found in every type of environment, which includes offices and homes. There are three kinds of mold that you can find:

1.) Aspergillus-This type of mold can be found in bread, cereals as well as other dry goods. People who are allergic to it may develop asthma as well as allergic reactions.

2) Penicillium – This kind of mold can be seen on clothing, yarn as well as other fabrics. It may trigger asthmatic reactions and allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to it.

3) Fusarium - This type of mold is usually found in wood surfaces, or in moist areas such as basements. Fusarium is known to cause respiratory issues, even death, in those who are sensitive.

From where does mold come?

Mold can grow on any surface in any environment. It is most commonly found in humid environments and is able to grow quickly, forming colonies of mold. Mold spores are easily dispersed across the air and then cause damage to buildings and other places.

Although there are many kinds of mold, they all have a dangerous effect on the human lungs if inhaled. Black mold (Aspergillus niger) is the most prevalent type of mold and produces a musty smell when grown. It's typically encountered on damp surfaces and in damp places and can cause allergic reactions such as asthma in people who are allergic to it. If it is present, the it will turn brown. (Penicillium chlorogenum) has a distinct dark color and a strong smokey smell. It's usually found in indoor areas close to sources of moisture like leaky pipes, or the condensation pads on the roof. Fungus gnats, also known as Diptera: Chironomidae, are insects that spread mold by placing eggs within the fungus.

You can stop the majority of mold growth by following these simple steps: Make sure surfaces are dry and keep indoor humidity low. Make sure you have regular ventilation. Make sure your pets are kept away from areas where development could take place. If you spot signs of mould growth, please call your health care provider in your area.

What can Mold Damage Property?

Mold can cause a lot of damage to your property both in and out of the house. The spores produced by mold are extremely toxic and could cause severe respiratory problems for people who are exposed to them. The mold can also damage the building's structural integrity which can cause leaks and damage to the building's infrastructure.

Greensboro NC mold control services will help prevent this from occurring. Our experts will collaborate with you to identify any sources of moisture within your business or home. Then , we'll take measures to prevent the growth of mold. We'll also make sure that your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly so that you don't need to deal with excessive heat or cold during temperatures that are cold or hot, and vice versa.

How can mold be controlled?

Mold can cause problems at both businesses and homes. It can cause asthma, allergies lung infections, other health problems. Mold can also cause damage to buildings and equipment.

Mold control services can help in preventing or reducing the growth of mold. Services may include cleaning and sanitizing the areas affected by mold, installing ventilation systems, and using anti-mold chemicals.


Mold is a concern that affects everyone regardless of age, occupation or. It can be found everywhere in the home. It is important to act immediately to seek out professional mold removal services. Mold Patrol can quickly resolve the problem and make sure that your house is free of mold for many years to come.

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