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Ecopoxy Color Pigment Set

Oct 5

Ecopoxy Color Pigment Set This top-quality product is able for adding color to epoxy projects. It is available in many shades and comes with a high concentration for vivid, rich shades. It is created using plant-based natural dyes to give the most vibrant and vivid final.

Ecopoxy Color Pigment Set (Resin Tints)

The Ecopoxy Color Pigment Set (Re-Tints) contains several colors that you can use to make your resin art. The set includes a range of colors including red, yellow and orange and also purple, green, blue and black. If you prefer you can apply colors to your resin either after casting or before.

The EcoPoxy Color Pigment Set contains eight colors that can be used for any epoxy resin project. These pigments are compatible in conjunction with any epoxy resin including laminations and gel coats. These pigments are rich in pigment, and are easy to mix.

The most cost-effective and convenient method to color your home is to use liquid resin dyes. They can be mixed with ordinary epoxy resins or UV resin to create various colors. These dyes are very powerful and give your small castings a vibrant, permanent color. Liquid Resin Dyes, unlike alcohol-based inks are made up of a single component of liquids that dissolve into resin and take on the dye's color.

Available in multiple colors

Ecopoxy Color Pigment is a specific pigment that is easily mixed into epoxy resin. It is used to make customized colors for epoxy projects. It is also used for leveling and painting signs. You can add a tiny amount of Ecopoxy Color Pigment to the epoxy resin to create uniform colors and produce an unique look.

EcoPoxy Color Pigment is available in a variety of colors. Metallic colors are similar to natural rock and stone formations. Nano-particles of mica are coated with a range of organic and inorganic hues to create the unique effect color. These pigments reflect light, giving the coating a shiny effect and creating dramatic color effects.

EcoPoxy Color Pigment is available in various metallic shades. These colors can cause iridescent and pearlescent effects. The high-performance epoxy pigment can be a versatile choice for those who require a clear waterproof finish. It's simple to mix, has an akin to peanut butter consistency, and gives a silky cosmetic finish. It's also easy to mould and can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces. It doesn't shrink when it cures, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

Highly concentrated

EcoPoxy Color Pigment Color Pigment with high-concentration offers a powerful pigmenting solution to epoxy resins. The high-tinting power pigment blends easily with epoxy resins, resulting in uniform shades. The pigment can be employed in coatings, paints and gelcoats. The high tinting power makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Produces rich, vibrant colors

EcoPoxy Color Pigment an innovative solution to color EcoPoxy resins, is an ingenuous product. It creates vibrant, deep colors and has advanced tinting properties. It is possible to mix many colors without worrying about the dye cost. The high-quality tint is able to tint epoxy resins, paints and self-leveling adhesives.

Ecopoxy Color Pigment meets the highest safety standards and is non-toxic. ASTM D-4236 has certified its pigments that are translucent. The standard tests paints for safety and toxicology. It is safe for use in art and craft, jewelry and other crafts.

EcoPoxy Color Pigment is available in a variety of colors and finishes. This pigment is an ideal choice for a range of projects, from faux stone worktops to epoxy river tables. It is possible to create holographic effects by using glitter powder.

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