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Gelato Cake Review

Apr 5

The buds of this dynamic strain are covered with fiery orange pistils, light green with some deep purple hues, and tons of frosty trichomes.

The aroma, as well as the taste of this strain, strongly resemble two famous deserts it was named after. It is rich, sweet, creamy, berry, and tangy. Smoking this strain is a very pleasurable experience.

Gelato Cake is known to be a balanced hybrid, with a little incline to the Indica side. Upon intake, it immediately uplifts a user’s mood, lightens the attitude,

provides mental clarity, boosts creativity, gives an overall sense of happiness and peace. This head high is, however, quickly followed by a deeply relaxing full body sensation, a heavy euphoria, that settles in the head and slowly moves down the body in warm waves. The high is potent and fast-acting, hence not recommended for inexperienced users. It also makes it a perfect nighttime strain.

Adverse effects include dry eyes, dry mouth, possible paranoia if taken above tolerance levels.

Positive Effects:






Adverse Effects:

dry eyes

dry mouth