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Towing Service Phoenix Az

Mar 10

If you require a towing service in az, chances are that you’re a little stressed (to put it lightly). The last thing anyone wants is for their vehicle to break down or be involved in an accident and subsequently require it to be towed. There are still a few things that you’ll need to clarify to make things go as smoothly as possible.

What Type of Towing Service You Need

Before booking an EZ towing Avondale az, it’s important to know what type of Roadside Assistance you need. Has your vehicle been involved in an accident and requires immediate collection due to still being on the road? Or does your car need to be transported to the mechanic for repairs?

Where Your Vehicle Is Located

It’s important that you tell the Avondale tow truck company where your vehicle is located with as much accuracy as possible. You can check your vehicle’s location on the ‘map’ on your phone and give them the address. Or, if you’re located somewhere on a motorway, you’ll have to let them know what the nearest exits are.

If You’re In a Safe Place

It’s important for you to state whether or not you’re located in a safe place, whether your vehicle is on-road, or parked on the side of the road. If you need to get out of your car, make sure you get out on the opposite side of the road.

If You Will Be Claiming the Service Through Insurance

Towing Services like Azteca Towing can work in conjunction with Motor Insurance companies. If you tell them your insurance details, they can let you know how much can be claimed and other information.

Your Vehicle’s Make, Model, and License Plate

It happens more often than you think: people forget to give the correct details of your car. It’s important to give them an accurate description, especially if you’re on a motorway because they could accidentally miss your vehicle and have to loop around again.

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