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Colorado Springs Auto Repair Shop

Dec 7

Colorado springs auto repair shop afternoon temperatures can reach over 100 degrees in the summer. Johnnie, Meyers Towing's tow provider, was called to help a member whose vehicle had stopped on the side of the road. He arrived quickly and helped the member get to her truck. She asked Johnnie to help her walk, saying she felt lightheaded and wanted to sit down. Johnnie was helping her get to the ground when she fell. Johnnie immediately called 911 to get help since she wasn't responding and was not breathing. Johnnie was immediately given instructions by the 911 dispatcher on how to perform CPR.

The member was quickly transported to the hospital by medical personnel. She made a complete recovery. Meyer's Towing owner Daniel recalls that fateful summer day and says, "I never thought on Tuesday afternoon, Johnnie's quick and compassionate actions would save the life of a member in crisis."

Johnnie was a Hero of the Road for this woman in her time of greatest need. Think about this story when you drive along the highway and see Johnnie, a first responder or tow provider, and think about how he calmed and acted to help our member. Please slow down so they can do their job safely. Johnnie, our members, and their families need us to help them. Please help us keep them safe.